Tierra Whack
Coachella 2019
Live Show
Creative Director
Thibaut Duverneix
Executive Producer
Sophie Bisson
Art Director
Mathieu Léger
Video Performer
Josselin Bey
Interactive Performer
Marouane Sahbi
Multimedia Director
Amélie Petit Jean
Frederique St-Pierre, Marielou Bouchard
Creative Technologists
Francois de L'Isle, Étienne Garon-Vincent, Marouane Shabi
3D Artists
Étienne Garon-Vincent, Jérome Routhier, Simon Bradfer
Renée Lamothe
Project Management
Lucie Brillouet
Props Fabrication
Joshua Stricklin
3D Scan
The Scan Truck

After the success of Whack World, we wanted to raise the bar of festival experience.

Tierra and Gentilhomme share a passion for uncanny, grotesque and catchy aesthetics, but most importantly, a strong desire to connect with the audience and make them part of the show.

We provided a turnkey concept and solution including creative direction, stage design, original video and interactive content including technical design and playback system.

After doing a full body photogrammetric scan of Tierra, we created complex 3D simulations in Houdini and developed custom 3D interactive technologies making the visual react to music & voice and respond to the audience. Everything was developed in-house, from R&D to the final live execution.

And yes, her inflatable dress was remote controllable.