Tierra Whack
whack world
Music Video
Tierra Whack
Thibaut Duverneix
Original Idea & Creation
Thibaut Duverneix & Mathieu Léger
Executive Producer
Sophie Bisson
Production Compagny
John Londono
Art Director
Susan Macquarrie
Akim Gagnon
Simon Boisx
VFX 3D and online
Étienne Garon-Vincent et Amélie Petit Jean
Music by
Tierra Whack
Line Producers
Nicolas Comeau & Jean-Luc Della Montagna
Stylist and Costume
Sarah Hall-K
Makeup Artist
Maïna Militza
Prosthetic Makeup
Rémy Couture
Hair Stylist
Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare
Nail Artist
Tamara Di Lullo from Candy Bar Montreal

Official video of a 15-minute visual album for Tierra Whack, WHACK WORLD. This video consists of 15 scenes combining grotesque and absurd situations, which convey the quirky imagination of rapper Tierra Whack. 

15 one minute films, 15 custom built sets, shot in 2 days.

This project is an unlikely meeting with the singular world of Tierra. In an approach reminding a curiosity cabinet, each scene is tinted with “handmade” aesthetics and showcases the rich, spontaneous and bizarre world of the young artist.