Les Lointaines
Quartier des Spectacles
Quartier des Spectacles
Creative Directors
Thibaut Duverneix - Mathieu Léger
Multimedia Director
Amélie Petit Jean
Motion Designers
Simon Janelle - Josselin Bey
Art Director
Geoffrey Skrajewski
Graphic Designer
Louis Robert
Alex Carignan
Making-Of Editor
Zacharie Chapuy

Les Lointaines is a graphic interpretation of an expedition into the unknown. This intricate and exciting architectural video of 2 to 3 minutes in length takes place during the Luminothérapie event produced by the Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacles organisation. 

Drawing upon society’s fascination with travel and the cosmos, Gentilhomme invites the public to embark on an extraordinary, dream-like space exploration. “Les Lointaines is an ode to curiosity and adventure, which celebrates the idea of a personal journey with poetry and melancholy,” underlines Thibaut Duverneix, designer and director at Gentilhomme. The projection will run in a continuous loop on the façade of the Pavilion Président-Kennedy UQAM starting at sunset from November 30, 2017 until January 28, 2018.

The multidisciplinary creative studio makes optimal use of projection technology and a unique mix of photo-montage, video, 3D renderings and vector animation with a particular focus on developing dynamic and grandiose images in bright, shimmering colours to create surrealistic and vivid scenery. Not only will the building’s façade serve as a backdrop to the videoprojection, it will also transform into a space shuttle, inside and out, whose structure is demarcated by the architectural lines of the Pavillion Président-Kennedy UQAM.