Emporium District Mall
Mapping in Bangkok with Moment Factory
Thibaut Duverneix
Moment Factory
Music Composer
David Drury
Coolux Programer
Olivier Gagnon (20k)

Bangkok is home to an increasing number of luxury shopping centres, amongst them the recently expanded Emporium District, featuring the new EM-Quartier building, opening in May 2015. I was hired by Moment Factory to create and direct for Thai-based The Mall Group a projection mapping installation to celebrate the launch on May 29, 2015.

The mapping show is aimed at attracting a sophisticated clientele, made up of well-heeled expats, tourists and locals. Moment Factory’s projection mapping lasts six minutes, and will be on display for four nights during the launch festivities, with a possibility of extending into a semi-permanent installation. Creative Director Thibaut Duverneix is working with David Drury, a Montreal-based composer as well as local choreographer Andrew Turner in order to create captivating original content. Inspiration for the project is drawn from the futuristic lines of EM-Quartier’s architecture, as well as from the chic nature of the brands featured in the new mall.

The opening of EM-Quartier marks the arrival of many new luxury brands to Thailand. As Bangkok’s high-end fashion district expands, retailers are seeking new ways to attract and entertain a worldly clientele. Moment Factory’s leading-edge entertainment is a perfect fit, adding a magical touch that will enchant the most discerning shoppers.